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Check out the features and benefits as they apply to your Practice and the Management of your Practice.

Feature Benefit

Document Control

Documents can be stored, with or without version tracking, to a general folder or by specific project. All documents are securely stored and regularly backed up.

Text in all documents in all matters is fully searchable by key word

Extranet /Online secure file sharing, with version tracking for documents

Client Extranet: Never send confidential files by email again – no matter how many professionals or clients are involved in the case. Documents can be retained in a "deal room" for projects (e.g. buy-sell transactions) involving multiple firms or just to display documents for clients to review. If you need signatures on documents, clients can download them, print, sign and upload – all with email alerts to let you know what is going on and all within a secure encrypted channel.

Matter management

  • Pre-define types and sources of information customized by you for a type of matter including built-in calendar dates for targets, deadlines or events (emails, phone calls, meetings).
  • Create a new "matter" for a client from your standard matter types.
  • Assign a "team" or group of professionals to each matter.
  • Attach (upload) relevant documents directly to the matter.
  • Authorize other users anywhere to see portions of the information, with the objective of converting the project into a collaborative workplace or online "transaction room" .
  • Use the "audit mode" to monitor activity in this secure "electronic deal room" – for M&As, bankruptcies or regular buy-sell transactions.
  • Capture and archive meeting agenda and notes.
  • Create "PDF" or draft versions "on the fly" while working in the matter.
  • Have those drafts sent to related parties with action stored as activity in that project.

Specialty Templates

Use our pre-existing specialized modules for Wills and Trusts Vaults, Personal Injury and Medical Case Management. Or, you can build your own.

Case Notes

Each matter accepts an unlimited number of case notes, which you can create during an "event" (e.g. a phone call). Capture important points while the system stamps the time, with the option to simultaneously record into the time billing system.

Custom Fields

Define the type of information important to your practice and capture it by effortlessly adding "custom fields". You can customize the system to match your practice style without any programming.

Trust Accounts

In addition to general trust accounts,, we have unlimited per matter trust accounts or per matter escrow accounts as required. Each trust account tracks to its own bank account or investment certificate – or non-monetary asset retained in trust.

Set limits for replenishment reminders by client or type of matter.

Conflict Checking

Our integrated solution provides a conflict check to identify any person or company with whom your firm has done business. Companies, contacts or suppliers are all in the system and will be flagged as such when you do a conflict of interest search.

Email Information Requests

Expand your client support by letting clients or their staff raise issues that can be tracked, but possibly billed at a lower rate, since you can schedule these requests based on capacity. This will enable you to provide expanded support profitably, but at a reduced cost to your clients.

Knowledge Base Management

Use online folders to control who can upload, download or edit content.

Mobile Access

Synchronize to your Blackberry
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Management features should enable you to maximize the flow of new clients, efficiently provide work to existing clients and maximize the ability of collecting payments for those services.
Feature Benefit


Define reports of whatever your key performance indicators (KPI) are – from WIP booked, amounts invoiced to cash received. Have that information graphically displayed as your home page.

Firm-Wide Intranet

  • Firm resources are accessible, regardless of the geographic location of your people.
  • Use this feature to make common procedures and processes visible to internal staff.
  • Make templates of standard procedures available to maximize efficiency and minimize errors.

Sales Tracking Module

  • Define sales "campaigns" (seminars, social events and website) and measure results.
  • Click a button to convert a “lead” into a client – no need to re-enter

Maximize Cash Flow

You can define workflows to maximize cash collections:
  • Automate a collection policy, producing emails or letters to confirm collection policy.
  • Automate the sending of electronic copies of invoices and statements.
  • Timing of invoice/statement can be linked to type of matter/project so that special engagements are always billed immediately, even if routine assignments are billed periodically.

Contact Relationship Management

Accountants and lawyers get most of their referrals by word- of-mouth, personal introductions and referrals. Our extensive CRM includes such features as email blasts (in html or plain text)event registration. Categorize your contacts to ensure that appropriate information gets to the right people.

Referral In System

Flag contacts as potential referral sources. Then track the number of referrals they send, how many you close and the dollar value of those referrals in any period. You’ll have quantifiable information to determine where your new business comes from.

Referral Out System

Flag anyone as a potential recipient of a referral – client, accountant, valuator, lawyer – . Then, when you give a referral, the system will provide you with a ranked list of potential recipients. That ranking can compare your targeted referrals from each source with actual referrals to date. You can add real value to your network of clients or professionals by effortlessly connecting them with potential business.

Calendars & Scheduling

Partners and staff can synchronize their SaaS calendars with Outlook, while you determine who sees whose SaaS calendar. –

Time Capture

Capture every minute. Input and track your time by turning on the timer when drafting or emailing. Capture time, no matter where you are working

Expense Tracking

Track your expenses, allocate expenses to clients or track non-recoverable expenses to G/L accounts.


  • With or without detail, prepare bills with a standard paragraph after selecting clients.
  • Bill by dollar amount of work-in-progress (WIP), age of WIP, alpha sort or project. Invoice by period or conclusion of engagement.
  • Format the invoice to your standards.
  • Identify which clients will accept electronic invoices. and selectively reduce time and waste of paper invoices.

Reports and Cash Flow Management

These can be customized to your personal key performance indicators with "filters" so that you can select specific items when they are completed.


A customized module tracks job applicants, reads resumes submitted and categorizes them based on your priorities.


You can effectively communicate your expertise in certain areas while also demonstrating that you can use technology proficiently.

Online Surveys

Use our online survey tool to collect information as feedback on client service or other initiatives or to collect new information on a specific practice area. You can then display that information on your website to enhance your profile among current or potential clients.
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Data Import – we can import virtually any data from any system, from a database or Excel format.

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