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BalaBoss - Software as a Service


BalaBoss has been in the business of helping accountants track and bill for their time since 1997. In 2009, we moved to a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to provide a full practice management solution, with one version for lawyers and another for accountants.

SaaS - Software as a Service (typically pronounced 'SasS) involves delivering software solutions to users over the Internet using only the users’ Internet browser. You avoid the time and expense of installing* and upgrading software on your computer system. Check out our "Reference" section for more background on SaaS.

Weather or travel disruptions are not a problem. Your partners or staff can work from home. They simply log in and access the same files they would see in the office. BalaBoss has created seamless communications for professionals, wherever they are. They input their time and expenses from home or from a client's office at anytime.

SmartSimple: BalaBoss selected SmartSimple as our partner in moving to SaaS because their client mix of government agencies and insurance companies ensured that our platform would be secure and ready to handle any number of internal staff, clients and contacts. We provide updates, at no incremental charge, to reflect improvements requested by thousands of users on any SmartSimple platform.

Balaboss adds new features at least six times a year – enhancing your ability to service clients —without raising costs or requiring software updates on your computer*.

* Some limited types of functions involve downloading a small tool to synchronize information on your desktop to the Internet database – for example, to synchronize Outlook to your practice management database.

Data Import – we can import virtually any data from any system, from a database or Excel format.

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