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BalaBoss - Software as a Service


Pricing per user

SaaS is essentially a 'pay as you go' model where you don’t install any software You pay quarterly on a user-by-user basis. Users pay for the software, while BalaBoss manages IT.

Your firm sets permission levels for those users authorized to log into the system. We do not change pricing based on what applications a user gets to see. We do not charge for extra "modules"- all firms get full functionality for one low price, selecting which staff members and clients can use the SaaS system

Pricing Benefits for Users

Our pricing is simple:

Only one, all-inclusive monthly fee

Includes updates (usually monthly enhancements)and all server costs

No hidden costs

1st to 5th Users $ 45 each

6th to 15th Users $ 35 each of the 6th to 15th

16th to 25th Users $ 30 each of the 16th to 25th

26th to 50th Users $ 25 each of the 26th to 50th

More than 50 - Contact us

Pricing includes feature updates, which typically happen six times a year. With SaaS – you don't have to install anything – just use the upgrades.

SaaS will reduce your costs:

  • More efficient use of internal servers
  • IT support - since we do all the upgrading and you have no software installation
  • Offsite storage of all documents
  • Third party licenses – e.g. you don't need a Microsoft exchange server to share calendars now; you just decide who will share whose calendars
  • Operating on MAC or Windows machines, or less expensive computers operating on Linux
  • Security - add or remove users instantly, or leave former employees with minimal access
  • Installing patches, updates and other administration

Read more about SaaS for lawyers law firms at http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/working_in_the_clouds/



Data Import – we can import virtually any data from any system, from a database or Excel format.

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