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BalaBoss - Software as a Service

Enhance your servicing of transactions with an electronic deal room

Within Each Matter you can include an "electronic deal room"

You can include an "electronic deal room" as part of the standard of types of Matters you handle (e.g. sale of business, Capital Investment, etc) so that all you have to do is identify parties with access to the room. By identifying them according to their role (e.g. client, opposing counsel, etc), their rights to various content in the deal room is automatically set.

Where you have not pre-set up an "electronic deal room", you can add one to any Matter in under a minute.

You can have an audit log to let you know who looked at what documents, how long they had them open, and certainly monitor version control on the documents.


  • Complete Audit Log
  • Searchable Knowledgebase
  • Custom Access Controls
  • Blackberry Support

Data Import – we can import virtually any data from any system, from a database or Excel format.

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